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we pride ourselves with our customer satisfaction

that is why 92% of our customers not only return but take the time to leave honest moving reviews. we strive to earn your families business for generations to come by diligently working towards customer excellence one client at a time. don’t just take our word for it , come see for yourself how we “Carefully handle all your moving needs!”

“Thanks for a job well done. Our family couldn’t be happier with the results. The movers are clean polite and really a hoot to be around. they showed up on time and honored a coupon which saved me extra money. No damages, Great work.
 Dr. Beth Sizemore
“Absolutely did great. this move had a few above average task’s. Gun Safe, Glass cabinets, and stairs oh-my! No scratches, No damages of any kind. They didn’t even touch a wall. These guys are energetic, safe, trustworthy and professional. great job.

UPDATE: I gave my sister your phone number and she is going to use you when she moves. Thanks for giving her a repeat customer discount..AWESOME”
Tony Meyers
 “One of the most honest hard working service providers in the moving industry. The move was perfectly planned and executed through Capitol city. I must tell you about the heart these guys have. 5-6 months ago my wife was finishing up her rental payment collections. Some how she lost our bank envelope with over $6000.00 in 100 denominations (cash) We had gave up on ever seeing the money again. That was very hard for our family to overcome. Anyway i was going over some last minute details with our relocation going in full swing, these guys were spot on. Never scratched a wall nor furniture alike. The highlight of all overcame us. Larry the mover came in from carrying out our marble top dresser looked at me and said close your eyes and open your hand, reluctantly I did only to find a bank envelope in my hand with every red cent accounted for. they had picked up our dresser and there it was and how it fell that far under I will never know. Stunned, thinking i had to ask larry why or if the thought crossed his mind to keep it after all my wife and I never expected to ever see that money again. He stopped walked closer and simply said “Never had any use for a thief and said I would want someone to do that for me!” As far as I am concerned if honesty, integrity, and solid work ethic is what you want then capitol city movers is what you need. needless to say we oversized the tip. They even un-packed for us at the last minute…..superb job well done.”
Ralph Grissom
I moved from pikeville to Clearwater,FL. The move was one of the best that our family has ever had. I would like to personally thank capitol city movers for there professionalism and out right courtesy. We were all treated with respect and our belongings were well taking care of. The move was under budget and on time. I would definitely use these guys again. Thanks guys for a job well done.
Carla Thompson
Hey if you got me out of the mess that I was in. Then the skies the limit for you. I honestly thought that you were kidding when you said it wasn’t going to cost extra for such a short booking time. Thank you for the extra effort.
A, Young
I am more than happy to express my opinion when notified from the very polite gentlemen that he is on Angie’s list I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Capitol city movers came to my home at a very short notice..willing and able they performed beyond my expectations…….
WOW…one hundred percent #BEST MOVE EVER!! these guys have really set the standard in comparison to our past moves. From the beginning to the end no problems what so ever and to boot it all they seemed so happy moving our furniture.they were well trained in the type of furniture that they were moving how to take it apart and how to move and pack it. I will definitely use your company again A+A+A+A+#money saver. The cost was outstanding in comparison to other movers. And they discounted or rate because we were with UPIKE. (#Kind Hearted Movers) they were very kind and pleasing to be around.
Brian Stanley