Business, Commercial moving tips

1. Start early. Whatever you are preparing in terms of work for the move this is an important business relocation advice not to omit. The earlier you begin your preparation, the better and smoother the moving process will be. Depending on the size of your office and the goal of the moving, the preparation of the business relocation plan should begin between 6 and 12 months before the move minimum. Collect the team of people in your company to work on the move and decide with them how much time is necessary.  ​

2. Be realistic about where you are right now. Before implementing any business relocation plan, be clear about why you are moving your business. Do you want to lower the rent of the working premises? Do you want to make a change in your work like hire more people or merge departments? You need all of this information in order to prepare the business relocation tasks that need to be ​ ​ home movinghome moving service

3. Prepare your business relocation plan. Write down all the deadlines for payments related to the move like rent, utilities, etc. You need to have a business relocation checklist that contains the tasks to be done, a deadline and any other special conditions that apply. Gathering all this information in 1 word or excel file will help you organize it better. In this way you will also have a much clearer idea of the business relocation process. ​

4. Know what you want. You need to decide a few basic things like where to move, what you will need in your new office not just in terms of equipment but also services provided or production, what will your new business plan be, what expenses are you ready to make, will you need new people and how and when to look for them, what moving company to select, etc. Our business relocation advice for you is to be ready with the answers to the key questions for your move – knowing precisely what you want will help you get it much more easily.

5. Make the best team. Our business relocation guide wouldn’t be complete without this step. The whole company needs to work together towards succeeding in the moving. It is very important to denote the right people to be responsible for the different business relocation tasks. Appoint someone to lead the business relocation process and manage it.

6. Include the removal firms. Find High QUALITY BUSINESS RELOCATION COMPANIES. GET AT LEAST TWO QUOTES THEN COMPARE. in order to find the most reasonable price. You can find business relocation companies that will do a great job (SUCH AS CAPITOL CITY MOVERS INC.) for an affordable amount. Be careful – not always the lowest quote means good quality. What are the business relocation costs you can expect incur? Every move is unique and unfortunately there is no one unique template we can use to tell you this. Once you get in touch with a couple of business relocation companies you can discuss this issue with them.

7. Get advantage of the move. Upgrade the technology, make changes in what your company offers in terms of services or production, change personnel, negotiate relocation with the staff you will be moving, improve company performance, clear out any old files or use storage for documentation and office furniture you don’t need right now. Remember to dispose of confidential information securely.

8. Business relocation incentives. Review what business relocation incentives there are available out there like waiver of permit fees of some or all fees, workforce training, different types of preferential financing, etc. Every state has different regulations about that so check this out to get advantage.

9. Keep all the receipts of the move you may be able to deduct some of the expenses from your taxes. This is an opportunity that is given to both physical persons and companies.

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