Often over looked,  Or diligently pushed to the side?  I have seen more and more the lack of effort in life.  Its all around us,every where we turn there is a complaint. Is life so busy that we don’t take the time to the people that need us the most?  I’m not talking about the in your face oversight of inadvertently escaping a major catastrophic situation.  I’m saying knowing there is something or someone that could use our attention.  It’s our own choice, by our own recognizance we decide that were just to tired or have our own set of problems to deal with.  Until one day we we ask ourselves why we are overlooked.  In need of the attention that we chose not to give to one of our own brothers and sisters. Should it take this type of reminder to realize that we were wrong?  Dedicate one day of life every so often doing nothing but tending to the needs of those that can use a simple act of kindness.  You will reap the internal reward of paying forward ,what you just might need someday.

Just a thought-have a blessed day! 

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